Can saunas supplement my weight loss?

Can saunas supplement my weight loss?

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Can saunas supplement my weight loss?

Question by David V: Can saunas supplement my weight loss?

When combined with proper diet and exercise, does spending time in a sauna after my workout benefit my weight loss efforts?

Answer by Jennifer WI am interested to see how people respond to this question as I have wondered the same thing. I have noticed that I am not as sore after an intense workout if I spend time in the sauna.

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It can… If you look at wrestlers, they often run while in a sauna to get rid of excess water weight before a match. I don’t recommend that, but in combination with a good workout plan it will not only help, but it will also ease your muscle soreness.

Saunas burn fat and water through intense heat evaporation. So yes it will help you lose weight.

Sauna’s have been portrayed in movies to supplement weight loss but it isn’t that significant. It was proven to burn no more calories than walking for the same time.

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