Hold The Elevator!

Hold The Elevator!

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How many times have you heard someone, yell- hold the elevator or have you said it yourself?

The elevator is a great invention and I use them quite regularly myself, however, I realized that there is a missed opportunity. The missed opportunity is squeezing in some great exercise in taking the stairs. Now dont get me wrong, Im not suggesting taking flights of stairs or risking your health if you cant handle stairs. However, I have a noticed an increase in the number of people getting the elevator for one floor. I find this sort of ridiculous, because many of these people lead very sedentary lifestyles, working an office all day and then only getting up to go to the bathroom, get some food and sit some more. Taking a flight of stairs, provides a great opportunity to stretch the muscles and increse blood flow, lung functionality. You also shape and tone leg muscles, and glute muscles which makes you look and feel better. Many people complain about the lack of time to exercise. There are so many great ways to simply become more active with a busy schedule. Taking the stairs and walking to coworkers desk rather than emails, instant message or calling someone. Also while at your desk, there are great discreet exercise to do for strength training, simply working on sitting up straight improves posture.

So next time you feel the urge to take the elevator up or down 1 floor, think about much have you moved throughout the day. Take advantage of the opportunity and take the stairs, youll be thankful, when you look great in a new pair of jeans in a smaller size!

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