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Stairs are the main access problem facing a person with disability. The presence of an elevator up or down of plant is essential in the case of persons with disabilities. Despite this, 13% of lifts analyzed by the OCU in 143 buildings are hardly usable, or even impossible to use by a disabled person in a wheelchair. The main reasons were the narrowness of the door and the Interior reduced dimensions. This was the situation that suffered in the Council of Trent, 130 street of Barcelona and Kone, the worlds leading manufacturer of elevators, escalators and mechanical doors for buildings, has been resolved by installing an elevator KONE MaxiSpace included in the range of lifts that offer a booth larger than a traditional lift in the same hole. KONE MaxiSpace is designed for buildings that need to install an elevator or modernize that already have so that older persons in wheelchair or families with very young children who need strollers may increase their mobility and enjoy a freedom of movement they had lost.

The building was built in 1964 and consists of 21 houses and two local. They already had a KONE elevator by what they themselves contacted the company so consider the project of enlargement. The solution was to install the Maxispace model, also an extension of stop down (Elimination of architectural barriers to the Elimination of 1 section 10 steps). The project was completed in 6 weeks since its inception until the delivery of the lift in operation. The neighbors are delighted that they have won in accessibility and wont have to leave your home. There were elderly people who were selling their flats because they could not climb the steps. Also, a young disabled can now leave his house with comfort is very satisfied.

About KONE KONE is the global leader in the industry of elevators, escalators and mechanical doors for buildings. Founded in Finland in 1910, celebrates its centenary this year 2010. The company aims to offer the best experience of displaced people, develop and implement solutions that enable people a smooth journey, with safety, comfort and without long waiting time at buildings and increasingly urban environments. The commitment of KONE, in relation with its clients exists for more than 100 years. In 2009, KONE won a total of 4.7 billion euros net sales and has approximately 34,000 employees in 50 countries. KONE is internationally recognized for its quality and innovation awards.

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How it affects us seasonal change or spring asthenia there is a common saying that says spring, blood alters and has all his reason. In fact our ancestors knew very well what they said to create these famous sayings. Sayings that over the years we have been repeating many times without knowing referred. We went from winter to spring. This for many people is a very pleasant feeling. But for other sensitive individuals, it can be a problem since they feel something more sad or even restless or nervous. Everything in life has its pros and cons.

Call the feeling of tiredness caused by this time of the year, spring asthenia, which comes from a Greek word which means no force. This lack or low-energy feeling is characterised by a physical or psychological weakness. It has a higher incidence in people between 20 and 50 years of age. Although it is true that this is changing and us is affecting big and small alike. I believe that this in part is due to two major problems of our society 1st the fact that society as a whole is suffering an added syndrome called stress. Labour, now stress is a serious problem in our society and the world in which we live.

Social stress, personal stress, stress by growth, stress due to changes in our lives. People who pretending to a better standard of life, abandon their homes, their families, their land, the place that saw them born and grow and try to adapt to our society with all the changes that this entails and the added stress that produces them. If you realize its all stress. In conventional medicine or natural medicine, we know or Intuit the consequences that causes stress in the individuals life very well. 2Nd on the other hand the well known lack of nutritional quality that have today day the foods we eat.

If you and your family want to be in a natural environment Orlando offers several options stay for you. Cypress Cove Naturist Resort Este natural resort is among the largest in Central Florida, covering nearly 300 acres of virgin land and 20 acres of recreation. It has existed since 1964 and is a friendly space with families that offers many activities for children. This community offers 225 residential houses, apartments and hotel rooms. Lake as a Naturist Resort one of the oldest nudist resort in Florida, founded in 1947. This resort receives families, pets, and single people.

The property is managed by its owners. This resort offers 200 acres of recreational and sports spaces that include golf courses, swimming pools, jacuzzi and tennis courts. Hot Resort located in the County step not only meets but exceeds the expectations of a nudist resort in the United States. Built in 2004, it has an area of 33,000 sq. ft. tropical houses.

This resort boasts two tropical islands, a waterfall, pools, jacuzzi and relaxation area. Gul Coast Naturist Resort Este resort has as mission the approach to its visitors to the nature. With an area of 40 acres of pines and Oaks. This resort has spaces for support and welcomes the entire family. If you are thinking about spending a nudist day at the beach you can also visit one of the nudist beaches in Florida.

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Undoubtedly share that is a wonderful thing mainly if we do it with true love, when we help people invades us a feeling of joy and gladness, but must know how to do it so it becomes an aid and not a burden that hate then take. When we look at the history of millions of winners in different areas, we see in countless adverse situations people with real desire, faith and determination have managed to overcome obstacles to become good and prosperous people. What was the first step of the persons to be overcome? He was believing in themselves, the said, I know that I can, God has given me gifts and power to undertake changes in my life, I will fight to get it, etc. That is called character and a deep desire for self-improvement. Now I would say to you who are reading this article you is an incapable, unable to read! How did you feel? Of course if someone tells you that anyone feels bad even for a moment, what most dont realize is that thousands are not developed because there are other responsible for limiting them and chain together them. Many times the way they treat certain groups, begin them gives me shame to speak with words of sadness, poor things!, this gives pain!, what happens is that these people are beginning to feel like victims of society, the Government, families, etc. To that extent nothing will change in these people because they believe that they are pursued by the circumstances. Everytime you treat someone as incapable of solving their own problems it is perpetuating its mediocrity, you must not do that!

The economic slowdown in the United States has miserably reduced employment for Hispanic migrant opportunities. The unemployment rate was higher among Mexican and migrant workers. If we add that stricter controls on the Border Patrol we realize the plight living migrants today. Many people looking to migrate have been discouraged because of these recent developments. The BBC noted that the number of arrests for attempt to illegally cross the border will decline dramatically, but that deaths will not decrease.

President Felipe Calderon said that US economy may not relaunch after the economic crisis faced by it without the key element which represents the work of migrants. Latter-day press tells us that they are already one thousand 500 people per day who return by Sonora (El Financiero, 25/10/08), than 4 thousand migrants from Chicago once again the capital of the country (the weekly, 10/14/08), and that so far the year already add up to 20 thousand families residing in the United States who have returned to the State of Michoacan (La Jornada Michoacan, 10/10/08). Universal said on September 30 that the National Institute for migration has publicly accepted the existence of an increasing number of countrymen who return definitively to their Mexican land. It seems that this phenomenon will not diminish until the U.S. economy copper its equilibrium and again offers that work so attractive niche.

In conclusion, you must regret the excessive dependence we have on the economy of the United States, its deep economic crisis us this impacting seriously, not only by the repatriation of fellow countrymen and the absence of remittances, but also because 90% of our exports go to that country. This us this causing a strong unemployment in the field, tourism and very especially in the maquiladora industry, settled throughout the national territory. This requires the design of emerging employment and training programs, expedite reforms that foster greater investments, as well as strategies to open new export markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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