Skinny Mom Weight Loss Challenge: Tameka 1

Skinny Mom Weight Loss Challenge: Tameka 1

Week one: Tameka 1 – Fat 0

I wanted to do another video but I think my voice is so annoying and I don’t want to subject you to that. Now if I had a voice over person, I would consider doing another video. LOL.

Week 1 of the weight loss challenge was a success for all three of us. I lost 6 pounds and feel very good about the meal and exercise plan. I was to include one yoga workout in my week, however I didn’t get a chance to take one. I will try to do one this week. I believe I stuck to the meal plan 80-90% of the time. Cravings during the week prior to or the week of my period have always been hard for me to resist in the past. Usually, I will eat donuts, kolaches, and banana pudding ice cream during that time. This week, I didn’t do it. I ate on plan Tuesday – Friday afternoon. Friday night, I made pizza for my husband and the kids. I am excited that instead of staying the same or not losing at all during my period, I still lost six pounds. A tip I have learned that helps with bloating is to increase your water intake during that time of the month.

In an earlier post, I included what I ate on the first day. A concerned friend sent me a note because she thought my calories were too low. She wanted me to succeed, but didn’t want my body to think it was starving. Most meal plans have you eating the same thing day after day, low or no carbohydrates, and very low calories. The great thing about this meal plan each day, I eat a different amount of carbohydrates, starting out low and increasing each day. The first day only has one carbohydrates and one fruit. The second day has three carbohydrates and two servings of fruit. The third day has five carbohydrates and three – four servings of fruit. It is easy to go back to a low carbohydrate or no carbohydrate day after eating five servings of carbohydrates, not including the fruits.

I mentioned my friend Paula Hannah in a previous post. I met her about halfway through her weight loss and lifestyle change. Paula was the one that told me about this challenge and I appreciate her so much for thinking of me. She has been such a motivator to so many people. She always has a word of encouragement to keep you going strong. In the past two years, Paula has lost over 80 lbs, competed in two figure competitions, been featured in Oxygen Women’s Fitness Magazine and found a way to turn back the hands of time. Paula was 47 on the first picture and 49 on the second. She has also been featured in Oxygen Women’s Fitness Magazine. I just wanted everyone to meet the lady that allowed God to use her and bless me with this chance of a lifetime.

Stay tuned and please leave your comments. Let me know what you would like to know regarding my journey.

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