Spot whitening

Spot whitening

Using whitening method to skin

The rotation between the four seasons, the skin on our face 24 hours a day exposed to the air, to contend with UV or other harmful substances. In order to always keep the facial skin supple and white, which you need to proceed from the life bit by bit. Among them, the clever use of whitening method can be the simple has good skin.

Good sunscreen whitening methods of know-how – Four Seasons

The sunscreen want have supple skin most critical step. In bright sunny day, and during the rainy season, do not forget to UV damage to our skin is everywhere. The beauty of you to try not to go out in the sunshine time travel must sunscreen can inhibit the formation of melanin live, reduce UV damage to the skin. Remember to prepare a sunscreen in the bag, ready to care of your skin after sweating.

Know-how of the whitening method 2 – 25 years ago to have a whitening awareness

We all know that the 25-year-old woman skin split point, in order to maintain long-term natural skin supple, it is necessary to begin before the age of 25. In fact, the whitening method is very simple, is to follow the characteristics of the female skin, with the help of some good whitening moisturizing products for maintenance, you can make your skin look white, rich texture.

Whitening methods of know-how – always maintain a happy mood

When you in a happy state, in every cell of the body will feel your happy mood. Relaxed mood makes the skin fully nourished, keep the pores comfortable, speed up metabolism, whitening you the energy released from the heart. In the best natural cosmetics can not be compared, from the moment let us for the skin becomes supple, all troubles behind it! Open happy heart enjoy every kind of happiness!

The magical skin whitening methods

Beauty emollients cake
Is 30 grams of walnut meat, 20 grams of lotus seeds, black sesame seeds, medlar 10 grams, 200 grams of corn, yams, brown sugar. Raw materials and then mashed into a powder, then add the brown sugar and water, rub made ??the group into small pieces, steamed into cakes can be eaten. Freckle method can not only replenishing yin, but also beauty emollients.
Method of skin lightening?
Fungus papaya stew
The beauty of this medicine freckle, white fungus 25 grams, papaya, North apricot 15g, South apricot 20g, crystal sugar. Then white fungus soaked with water made ??to open, papaya, peeled, seeds, cut into small pieces, North and South apricot peeled together into the steaming pot, add appropriate amount of crystal sugar and the amount of boiling water, cover the slow cooker lid, into the pot, stew to material tasty, can be eaten. Eventually received Yin lungs, moisture beauty effect.
Method of skin lightening?
The lily dates ginkgo soup
This medicine freckle beauty, just Lily 50 grams, jujube 10, two ginkgo 50g, beef 300g, ginger, a little salt. Mainly fresh beef with boiling water washed, cut into thin slices. Ginkgo shell, flooding to the outer film. Lilies, red dates and ginger, washed, dates to the nucleus; ginger, peeled. Cooker amount of water added, boiled into a lily, jujube, ginkgo and ginger slices, with the fire burning to the lily will be cooked, add beef and continue to boil until cooked beef, a little salt, ready-to-eat. Can be blood and yin, moisture beauty