Will the best sweetener please stand up?!  Healthtorial

Will the best sweetener please stand up?! Healthtorial

Will the best sweetener please stand up?!

In researching the sugar replacements, many players in the beverage industry are working frantically to bring the latest craze in sweeteners to the marketplace – but it seems like the purest, most natural formulation of stevia available – is Wisdom Natural Brands’ SweetLeaf Sweetener.

“I don’t want consumers to be mistaken or misled by claims that other products out there are all-natural when they’re not,” said Wisdom Natural Brands CEO Jim May. “Some of our competitors are mixing stevia with agents that are not natural. In some cases, these may even mitigate the health benefits of stevia.”

In production more than a month now and making its way into retailers, SweetLeaf Sweetener is the only stevia-based sweetener that uses only pure water in its proprietary extraction process. Unlike Truvia, the Cargill/Coca Cola stevia product, SweetLeaf does not have to pass its product through absorption resins nor “elute” its stevia in a final stage utilizing either methanol (wood alcohol) or ethanol, according to their just released study, or add “natural flavors” to improve its taste.

“Stevia is the gold of the sweetener market,” said May. “Many companies will jump on the bandwagon to bring products with stevia to market, and consumers need to be aware of what they’re buying.”

Just this week, the use of steviol glycosides (the sweet substance of the stevia leaves) was approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a safe food additive, bringing additional credibility and demand for the product in European countries. The requirements call for products to contain a minimum of 95 percent steviol (steviosides). SweetLeaf is the only brand on the market containing 98 percent stevia sweet glycosides, the highest of all competitors.

Long used in the United States as a dietary supplement and nutritional additive, stevia is a naturally sweet plant, native to Paraguay, that is 30 times sweeter than sugar. The pure glycosides that are extracted from the stevia leaves are 250 to 400 times sweeter than sugar.

SweetLeaf Stevia has gained an underground following in recent years among celebrities, health gurus, professional cooks, nutritionists, doctors and anyone looking for low-carb diet alternatives. The product can be used in beverages, cooking, baking and anywhere sugar might be used.

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