Why Is Alcohol Dangerous?

Why Is Alcohol Dangerous?


The use of alcohol may become a addiction. Many individuals who begin with an periodic consume end up becoming steady drinkers. Those who use addict beverages in what they call a average amount find after a while that they want larger and still larger volumes to be able to satisfy their desire for it. They also consume more frequently. Alcohol is a habit-forming substance. In this way it becomes the ruler of mind and body.

Alcohol is especially dangerous to the brain. The brain is inside the head, or skull. It is the part of the body system that guides our thinking, our muscle tissue, and other areas of the body system. One of the first effects of even a bit of alcohol is to dull, or weaken, the power of the brain to direct and control the body system. This dulling or deadening effect may be compared to getting off the “brakes” which hold a machine under control. When a individuals brain is numbed by alcohol, he is very likely to do and say things that he would not normally do. The abilities of self-control and self-restraint (holding yourself in check) have been damaged. When this happens, alcohol has started to rule!

Alcohol impacts mental work. This is shown by the fact that a individual whose brain has been dulled by alcohol cannot think so clearly, add, subtract, multiply, or divide figures so perfectly as he could without it. He cannot remember so easily, or remember so well after an liquor has been taken as he could before.

Alcohol dulls our special feelings. Our special feelings are hearing, flavored, seeing, smelling, and feeling. These special feelings rely on the brain and the nerves. When the brain and the nerves are impacted by alcohol, one may not see or see so well. You can see how important this is for anyone driving an automobile. Too much alcohol also will soon enough cause a individual to lose his flavor for food with common preparing. Such people demand much spices, pepper, and salt because their flavor has been dulled.

Alcohol deteriorates control of our muscle tissue. Fine, cautious use of muscle is required to be able to be successful in many sports and games and certain kinds of work. We call this skill. Small amounts of alcohol will reduce expertise in doing things that contact for quick thinking and fine, careful motions. Alcohol weakens strength and “endurance,” which means the capability to keep on until the end of the game or the work in hand. Large amounts of alcohol intervene so much with the management of muscle that the individual impacted by it may stagger when he taking walks. He cannot walk in a straight line no matter how hard he tries. Again, alcohol is a bad ruler!

Continued use of alcohol decreases level of ability to resist many diseases. It has been found that steady drinkers of addict drinks are more likely to catch or have certain diseases than those people who do not drink. It is more difficult for those who consume to recover from an sickness than for those who do not consume. Life insurance companies have found that the loss of life rate is higher among individuals who were steady average users of alcohol when insured than among those who did not use it in any form.

Alcohol is a cause of accidents. Alcohol dulls a individuals capability to think quickly and control the muscle perfectly. It makes a individual think he has more skill and strength than he really has. This condition is likely to cause accidents around machinery. No one should attempt to drive an automobile after getting any alcohol into the body system. Alcohol makes individuals careless. Carelessness has triggered many fires and other accidents, in homes and elsewhere. Again, alcohol is a bad ruler!

Alcohol is not a real food. Alcohol cannot help in the building of muscle tissue, teeth, bones, or other areas of the body system. Kids are sometimes given wine or beer to drink. This is dangerous because of the alcohol they contain. There is another risk, too. It is very likely that such drinks may take the place of some of the dairy products which is needed by children to build good muscle, teeth and bones.

The use of alcohol is an attacker to health, pleasure, and success. Business men usually prefer individuals who are not drinkers for positions of trust and liability.

In order to make a achievements of your lifes, you should decide that you will have nothing to do with alcohol and alcoholic drinks at any time. The first drink is the most dangerous. The individual who never takes the first drink will avoid the risk of being ruled by alcohol. There is nothing funny or brilliant about drinking. Anyone under the impact of alcohol is a sad vision. He is in the grip of a bad ruler.

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